Day 7Edit

Jonathan is such a useless vermin in this challenge. Seriously, he gave us a score below 1500! Argh, and his comments at the tribe - he knows that he will go home if our tribe lose.

I added Jonathan on Facebook and tried to have a chat with him, just said my greetings and he just put me in the seenzone. I got a irritated of course and since he doesn't want to talk to me socially - I will not expect that he will talk to me strategically and I am putting Jonathan in the votezone.


Addictive - that's our immunity challenge today. At my first try I got, 1.5 K and ATM I scored 2k, well. *WAPOOW* This guy is a force to be reckoned with. Also, this Norbert guy doesn't know he's like a fish out of water in the tribe. He's next on the chopping block -- but I really think Ran is a strategic threat. It's actually a win-win situation if ever we win or we lose. I'm good either way. Once I hear my name tossed around, well payback is a BITCH! They should always remember, YOU DON'T HUNT WHAT YOU CAN'T KILL.


It's sad seeing Qayyum go. It would have been epic if someone else got voted out and we forced Qayyum to quit. *stirs the pot* But oh well, right here in Hanoi everything is doing good unless they put a target mark on my back, havoc and chaos will arise. It's either you're with me, or you're against me. If you are against me, it's like bringing a KNIFE in a GUNFIGHT. *evil laugh*


Breaking News! Lester is Tine's best friend-- and Tine is in my alliance, Lester is not. Well it's time to cut the head of the dragon. I'll be the Dragon Slayer right now. I'll rally 5 people to vote Lester, 2 people to vote Ran and the other alliance vote whoever they want. So Lester goes home. That's my plan. I'm now calling this plan-- Operation: Annihilate Him


As long as Norbert is here, target is off of my back. People will target the youngest ones after the inactives. First was Red, then Norbert is targeted. As long as a weaker player is still up, no votes will go against me. Hopefully.

Operation: Annihilate Him is pending right now.

Jonathan said yes. Ivan said yes. I say yes. Norbert will go with it, I hope since his back is up against the wall. 4 votes going to Lester already BUT I need to convince JC about this. That's my job.


JC is a leader in real life and he almost got awarded for that by Ayala. A great leader has got to be good at reading people and I believe JC is a great leader and good at reading people. I have to watch out for him.

Judging from his comments though in our Four Square alliance chat - he looks like a very prideful person. When he said "I'm not dumb para mahulog sakanya haha, I know he's playing everyone" - that speaks a lot. Hopefully I will be able to tap on that certain weakness of his to keep myself in the game.

Everybody has weaknesses, that includes me. I hope no one preys on mine. Haha. I have to keep my calm and observe everyone like my cat. My cat observes first then silently creep on her prey and when she is close, she will pounce on her meal.

I have to do that. I have to silently creep then pounce on my meal, the other castaways.


Now the little kid is targeting me. I cannot believe that little bastard. I genuinely tried to put the target off of him now the target will now be on his head. I want Roby's head to be served in a silver platter and I will use Roby's aorta as a straw for his blood. Yummy, delicious young blood. I am Dracula craving for blood. (insert deep evil laugh).


Day 8Edit

And the winner is... HANOI!!!

Oh yeah, we won again! Feels so great! But last night, there were a lot of scrambling! New alliances formed and lots of assessment were made... Apparently, lies are starting to come out. So, I've started talking to a lot more people. Norbert, for one, offered an alliance, but when I didn't reply immediately, he seemed not that much interested anymore but would still be willing to go with my vote. The problem with Norbert, he is like a vampire. He only appears in the night, with a DP of over-Sunblocked face ala Edward Cullen. No offense but dude, too much sunblock. Then, there's Roby. This kid is a threat, I'm telling you. He is sociable and is willing to lie if it will benefit him. But my allies saw through his lies. Haha! Still useful while it lasts...

Our alliance (Ivan, Lester and I) we've also assessed people on who might flip and we came into conclusion that Jonathan and Ron can be dangerous.

John Carlo, on the other hand, has good assessment with most of the people. He also senses that the 3 of us, our alliance are pretty tight and he is willing to be number 4 just to joing our group. I think he can be trusted but i still need to have my guard up at all times.


*EVIL LAUGH* We won immunity! Hanoi will just continue the Koror winning streak and Let them dwindle down to death. Lester this is a blessing in disguise. Our win saved you brother. But the next time we lose, I'm ready to lead the sheep to the slaughterhouse! And you Lester, my friend, is the SHEEP.


Hanoi won again and looking at Saigon scores - they are pitiful. Seriously, they have to get it together.

In Hanoi, I think a tension is building. Since a little bastard, Roby is targeting me and Ran - I have to be really careful of Roby. I hope I have the people to go against him.


Everyone is about go Hanoi or go Saigon. Lol, all I can say is go Lester!!!


Thank God I have trustworthy alliances, now I NOW LESTER is targeting me after Tine told him. Stupid move that I made was telling Tine. Now I'm on the chopping block. DAMN THIS


My target went from RAN to LESTER to TINE, now back to LESTER. I need to decimate QUEEN TINE's right hand man, which is Lester. Oh well.


I know I couldn't do the last challenge but, I'm pretty happy because now we can get the two worst ORG players (Qayyum and Zach) out I hate playing with them so after tonight, the game official starts.



Episode 3 Confessional


The challenge was Tilts. As usual, we all gave our best in the challenge making sure to update each one with our scores in the tribal thread. I managed to pull off a 5k, beating JC's 4k. I knew it could possibly put a target on my back especially to the other tribe. But heck, I really want our tribe to win.

I was just a little disappointed that Jonathan submitted his score very early and it was just around 1,400 points. It could have been better.

And we won! By a landslide. Even if my score was just around 2,000 it would not even have mattered.


This episode was tough for me. I wavered in being a villain when I strengthened some bonds with my tribemates. First there was Tine, who never talked strategy to me privately for eight days. Until the day I got drunk and opened up with her and JC. Tine finally talked strategy with me and Lester.

And then there was JC. He was one of the late alliances that I formed in the game. But our 'brotherhood' was kind of different. It got strengthened when we would always update each other with our game play. We always talk on who to bring, who to side with, who to blindside. We would talk more often than my earlier alliances. He's a cool and intelligent guy and we got along quickly. We would not hold back talking smack or throwing anything at each other. Until last night, we fought because of some personal and game related reasons. JC found out my secret conversation with Tine and Wowie and we had some miscommunication. We were not on the same page. I was not in the mood for jokes because of some things. It flustered my mood in playing the game. But I just had to rest and sleep. Then the next day, we were okay. We were discussing that we could be the Tony-Woo or Yul-Ozzy in this game. If we did not amend our difference, it almost become an RC-AbiMaria instead of those.

So if you (Alex) think that the feud we have was scripted, it was not. Hahahaha

So here's the deal, I have found myself aligned with a lot of people. And I am just waiting for the time to strike. This is probably the downside of winning challenges. LOL. This episode just got to me because at the same time, while the game runs, I got to establish genuine bonds and friendships. And this is conflicting with my plan on being the big villain. But brother JC talked me out of it - this is our (yes, he's going thru some shit of his own as well) escape, our diversion from the real world. And after that long conversation with him, I was ready to play again.


Roby is an interesting character because he projects to be as devious as hell. This kid surprised me although I know that he's playing a bad game. Some people are already targeting him because he has this tendency to instigate. He has this Dethrone the Queen slogan pertaining to Tine and he proposed this Project Annihilate Him which pertains to Lester. At first, he would campaign for Ran, but when he realized I am not interested in voting out Ran, he changed it to Lester. And apparently he told Tine this plan, then Tine told Lester. And now, the two want him gone. The surprising thing is Ron told Roby that Tine told Lester that Roby told Tine that Lester should go next. Did you understand how complicated is that? LOL But I really like the Survivor passion that I see in this kid. And he's one of the best bet to be with in the finals because with his game play, he might really rub people the wrong way as we go along.

In trying to get Norbert, Roby showed a screenshot showing that Tine is targeting Norbert. This young fella is really stirring up things at camp! It's a good thing that he is on my good side. We have a Brotherhood Alliance with JC.


I found myself in the position where people trust me. The only persons I have no private deals with are Norbert, Jonathan and Ron. It would be in my best interest to eliminate one of those three because I had no personal connection with them. But Lester and Roby are targeting each other. I need to make a decision on who to cut.

I have an alliance with JC and Roby; with Tine and Lester; with Ran, Wowie, Ron, Tine and Lester; with Roby, Jonathan, Ron, Tine and JC with Ran, Lester and JC

I have a plan on which path to take but it has not happened yet because we keep on winning immunity.

The genuine alliances that I have are those where most of the time not CC'ed with host AlexJason.

> With Ran. I tried to create a thread with Ran, me and Alex but Ran would oftentimes respond and converse with me in our private thread which proves to me that he is genuine. Roby and Ron brought up Ran's name as a potential vote and I did my best to sway the target away from him. He is the first person I shook a deal with so it is really a big deal for me.

> With Wowie. I see to it to constantly update him on the things that are happening around camp. He is the second person I shook a deal with.

> And surprisingly, with JC. John Carlo and I have quickly bonded in a way like we already knew each other for quite some time.


I don't care. No comment. Hahaha.


Last night, a lot of us was online. I talked to Jc, Tine and Ivan. Roby was also online and was talking to Ivan and Tine.

Obviously Tine, Ivan and I were talking about Roby. Apparently, when Roby was talking to Ivan, Roby has to cut their chat because Roby had to talk to his girlfriend. The only girl that we know who is having a chat with Roby was Tine! So now, we are teasing Tine as the girlfriend of Roby. Not bad little boy, not bad, hahahahaha.


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