Day 9 - Tribal Council #3: Nulla NullaEdit

Nulla Nulla, welcome to your third tribal council in a row. Something is not going right with, and for, this tribe. You have not won immunity and the scores were not even close.


George, you incurred a self vote last time and sometimes a Self Vote can ultimately be you ticket out of the game if you are targeted. Do you think you are not bringing it your all in this season, as compared to the last season (Fans vs Faves) where you won? Can you state your case on why should your tribe keep you?


I've brought it all to every challenge, I voted every time, I talk a lot on the tribe camp, I've put 100% into this game. All I did was I forgot to answer my tribal question last time. I don't feel that one mistake deserves to make me a target because I'm doing my damndest to make this tribe succeed and give it my all for the good of this tribe.


Jay, you have been vocal whenever there is a challenge. But it seems to not be enough for your tribe to secure a win. Looking back at the first three challenges and the probably reasons why Nulla Nulla lost in them, what does this tribe need in order to redeem itself from back to back challenge losses? How will you base your vote tonight?


What we need is balance and obviously we dont have it at the first place. In my opinion, challenge beast, leaders and strategist are all accumulated in woomera, the thing im afraid of if those people chose to align rather than targeting each other soon then nulla nulla is doomed. We need a switch, we need a balance if we want to survive

Im basing my vote base on who are the people will be loyal on nulla nulla and not to flip on woomera, if one person here flip to woomera he is helping him to win and he is helping the most likables and most likely gonna win this game like miguel, tyler, jc or reign. They are the clear winners if you let them go far, if you helping a winner then your doing a game not to win


David, now that your tribe is dwindling down in numbers, (and there are no Immunity Idols at play) it is the Diplomatic Idol which you won the first time that can be one's ticket to comfort. Do you think Nulla Nulla members are now scrambling to get this safety by making deals with their partners over at Woomera? On one hand, the Diplomatic Idol holder is restricted to vote. At this point in the game, would you rather have the idol and be 100% safe or would you rather not have it so your alliance, if you have any, can use you for a vote?


In a sense we are all scrambling just none of us are doing it vocally.

Realistically though an idol is far from a guaranteed safety.

One thing that cycles back around constantly is trust. You need to trust people to determine if whatever you are doing is the best for you.


Brian, congratulations in getting the Diplomatic Idol! Do you think you need it, or it does not really matter whether you have it or not? On one hand, it restricts you from casting a vote. Do you think the safety net it provides is worth it from the consequence it bears (not being able to send a vote)?


I am keeping it


Wowie, looking at Woomera's challenge submission, there seems to be a cohesive pattern, and someone in that group is probably either leading or pitching in great ideas whether it is Bottles of Beer, Puzzle or Door Vault. Do you think their victory is still because of luck, or is it because this tribe does not have synergy when it comes to challenges? Does it frustrate you losing this much early in the game?


It is very frustrating to lose over and over. Aside from the frustration, there's also a concern that the other tribe has a huge advantage in terms of number. I guess it's both luck and the time difference for players. It's hard to get everyone online at the same time. Having said that, I'm still hopeful that we can pull a win next time.


JJ, let's talk about camp life. What is the mood at Nulla Nulla camp over the first nine days? What is your role at Nulla Nulla camp?


The paranoia of losing seem to affect the ambiance in our camp. People are trying to do what they need to do. Oh yes, we may seem as a dysfunctional tribe who sucks at challenges but in all fairness, we are trying harder and harder, but Jeff, do you know the story of David and Goliath? I can smell a possible switch but we need to work out now on the things that we hold on our palms. My role? I am just doing what others are doing :)


Nuno, let's talk about the politics in your tribe. Are there unclear divisions in this tribe especially the first two votes were almost unanimous? Do you think everyone has a good grasp on where they stand in this tribe?


Likely, and I don't think so.


Lucas, you received a vote during the last tribal council. Would you know why one person here targeted you last time? Are you confident or nervous going into this tribal council?


I was targeted because of a false accusation related to supposely havong a tight alliance with a certain someone. I hope that this won't affect this vote.


Day 9 - Tribal Council #3: Nulla Nulla - ResultsEdit

Totally not a blindside lol I knew it they even know it.

Well good luck guys! By the way I'm not the person you think I am on the game. I'm less drama on real life ;)

Nice game!


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