Tribe Profile
Season Survivor: Peru
Namesake Inti Watana stone is
one of many ritual
stones in South America.
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Mach'ay
Tribe Status Merged with Mach'ay on Day 22
Challenge Wins 4
Lowest Placing Member Sugar (23/24)
Highest Placing Member Courtney (Winner)
Watana Flag

Watana is one of the two starting tribes of Survivor: Peru. Their tribe color is yellow. Starting members are all women.


Starting TribeEdit

Abi-Maria Gomes S2Amanda Kimmel S2Amber Mariano S2Candice Cody S2
Chelsea Meissner S2Corinne Kaplan S2Courtney Yates S2Eliza Orlins S2
Peih-Gee Law S2Shii Ann Huang S2Sierra Reed S2Sugar Kiper S2

Post-Swapped TribeEdit

Andrew Savage S2Candice Woodcock-Cody S2Chelsea Meissner S2
Coach Wade S2Eliza Orlins S2John Carroll S2
Rob Cesternino S2Shii Ann Huang S2Sierra Reed S2

Tribe HistoryEdit


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