Tribes are competing teams in the Rockstar Survivor ORG seasons. A tribe has had anywhere from five to twenty one people at the beginning of the game.

Dividing Into TribesEdit

Tribe ColorEdit

Bold Text Merged Tribe
Italic Text Dissolved Tribe
Regular Text Lasted until merge
Survivor ORG Tribe Colors per Season
Orange Yellow/
Green Blue/
Red Magenta/
Brown Purple Black White/
Paranoia Island The Outcasts Dugong Lumba-Lumba Butanding Pawikan Matatag The Dictators Sama Ganti Tuklaw
Mahusay Magaling
Social Island Sigavé Sumakae Uvea
Turtle Islands Sibaung Taganak Lihiman Chelona
Vietnam Saigon Hanoi Da Nang Thống Nhất
Mount Sabyinyo Virunga Sabyinyo Rwanda Congo Uganda
Bolivar Canaima Cascada Gauja
Myanmar Yangon Mandalay Naypyidaw Ayeyarwady
Battle of the ORGs Batak Molbog Tagbanwa Palawano Puerto Princesa
Ngorongoro Crater Olmoti Empakai
Karijini Boomerang Woomera Nulla Nulla
Cambodia Phnom Penh Battambang Siem Reap Ratanakirri
United Kingdom Cardiff Edinburgh Belfast Teyrnas Unedig London
Havasu Yavapai Pogamoggan Hualapai
Providenciales Osprey Cheshire Sapodilla Chromis


  • Blue is currently holds the longest string of seasons used in with 4.
  • Blue and green are the most recurring colors, being used 10 times.
  • Brown is the least recurring color, being used only twice.
  • Black is the most common merged tribe color, being used 4 times.

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