Day 3 - Tribal Council #1: Nulla NullaEdit

Welcome to your first tribal council, Nulla Nulla. This is certainly not the place you want to be in especially in an All Star season like this. But we gotta roll with the punches.


Before you vote, let's talk about what happened over the past two days.

QUESTION FOR ALL: What is/are the attributes you have shown on your original Rockstar ORG season that makes you a certified LEGEND?


Nuno, you are one of the social butterflies, a key reason of your return after so many seasons. How do you see this season will turn out as compared to your first one? What is your basis of voting someone out this early?


Hopefully I don't flop near the end or end up being considered a threat again. Right now, I'll likely vote someone who hasn't contributed so much to the tribe or been active, but it is still important to vote with the majority.


David, congratulations! You were awarded the Diplomatic Immunity, courtesy of your partner, Miguel in Woomera. You are the only one here who is 100% safe.

Do you think this game dynamic will make people owe it to their partner and will force them to work together in the future? Who among your tribe mates did not pull their weight in the challenge? You can not vote tonight, but is there a name that you could have written if you can vote -- who should be the First Boot of the season?


I'll be honest in my previous times playing the once attribute I believe I've embodies is persistence.

Thank you for the congratulations.

I think it's a remarkable idea because on one hand we were put together but this is an individual game it will be amazing to see it shake out.

I believe that we all worked well together if not well enough but it's only the first tribal is it where I want to be of course not but it won't be my last time here either.


Wowie, you have played in Rockstar Vietnam, and Rockstar Myanmar; both seasons you were marooned with people of the same nationality as you. How different is this one, Karijini, compared to those two? How will people perceive you being tagged as the Victim of a Tie Breaker due to sheer loyalty?


I hope being known for the tie-breaker ends up as a good thing because it would show people that I am a loyal ally. And that I am willing to take risks for the benefit of my alliance.

I think this is going to be a very interesting dynamics because most people would, by default, align with people who share the same nationality (or season). That would mean the Filipinos can stick together and be a strong group, but the danger there is that we're going to be a target. Having said that, I don't think this cast is smarter than assuming that people who've had previous relationships are going to stick together. Things are so different this time, anything can happen.


JJ, there were times when you were unavailable and halted the challenge for your tribe. Also, you posted an incorrect line (due to no period) so even if you surpass Woomera, your tribe would still have lost. Do you think you hit rock bottom because of this? Plead your case on why should this tribe keep you.


People on this tribe are smart enough, I am very sorry guys if I pulled tbe group down, but that doesnt mean I am a liability. I can be as productive as anyone in the tribe. Nevertheless, I will burn ashes and cities for our tribe to win on the long run. One thing that makes me worth keeping is that I am a man of my word. I value people so much. This maybe a game but on the end we are all still players in real life. It was a lost yes, but we all learn from what happened.


Brian, how do you think the pairings and respective labels will affect the thinking of the players this season? Are you happy with your label? How nerve wrecking is this tribal council for you? (if it is)


Labels don't mean anything to me. Its how you play this time is what counts of you. And yes this tribal is nervous


Gavin, your tribe lost in a challenge of teamwork and communication. Despite this, do you think this tribe showed positive rapport in the challenge - or Woomera's just better at communication? Who did his best in the challenge and is worthy of commending right now?


To be quite honest, I have to agree with Brian. My game last time may warrant my 'legend' status, but I'm playing a whole new game.

I think this tribe is extremely tight, and should be able to perform well as a unit in the future. I truly believe we all made big contributions, and without even one of us... we wouldn't have been able to come as close as we did.


Jay, whether good or bad, you were labelled the Pot Stirrer. And you have publicly shown that at camp when you tried to stir the pot in the challenge for your tribe. It did not work out, but what else can you bring to the table for Nulla Nulla? Explain why should they keep you?


Yeah it didn't work but knowing I am willing to do dirty jobs for the tribe benefits pretty much a good reason why they need to keep me around because I will be loyal to this tribe.

Why they need to keep me, here is some reason that make sense to me.

1. I am a winner, winner of Myanmar. Who the hell would bring a winner to the end and give him a second title? Kevin Williams second title was clearly a mistake and I hope people would have learn from that lesson, so most likely my life in this game is slim , the most far I can get is early merge. That is given. When he played on battle of orgs majority of the people drag him as far as they could and use him as a " human shield" so that the heat focus on him, so if these season people are smart I suggest they do the same to me. Use me until I'm not usable anymore.

2. Clearly, I am playing a shirin/ kass type of card early on. I wanna be the annoying, I wanna be the dislikable person on this season. Perfect person to win against with on the end. People made a mistake by not taking shirrin and kass on the end, but rob Mariano was successful by bringing philipp.

3. I am a vocal person. I am willing to give information rather than take information from players. If you are a player, who would you trust? A person that is open book and willing to give you essential information that you needed or the "silent ones" that is just observing and take information from you and widen their options in the game? Think about that.

4. I have nothing to lose. I won before. I'm here to provide entertainment, so if you vote me out you are losing a character in the game that could possibly increases the chance of getting ratings higher on rockstar org and the chance of winning against me, think about that ;)


Nickson, do you think clear lines will be drawn after this tribal council - or allegiances will still be up in the air? For sure, there are lots of chitchats around camp as the excitement level is quite high for this season, (plus the great cast tbh). Do you think you can trust what others are telling you, two days in the game?


I think the attribute that brought me here was when I single-handedly made everyone on my season quit but someone in the tribe is claiming it.

2. Yes, this is a defining stage of the game wherein alliances will be drawn. After this we will know who are the majority and the minority. As of now, I believe I am in the MINORITY since no one is clearly talking to me of strategy which make me think that I am in the chopping block.

"Hey guys, please talk to me...I beg"

3. As I said, some people are talking to me but is not clear. Its like talking to me for the sake of "just to vote, because my vote doesn't matter"


Lucas, what does this tribe need in order to recover from the first immunity challenge loss? Did someone step up or emerge as a leader in this tribe, either at camp or in the recently concluded challenge?


I managed to overcome great odds by managing to overcome a huge alliance - going from bottom to the FTC.

2. The hard part of this vote is - nobody really stands out as a leader/weak link. We all gave our best, but maybe we should be more organized.


I think most of the leaders are on the other tribe lol. There is Tyler there, reign , Miguel and maybe JC :) . Imagine a tribe full of leaders wink emoticon we are good here :)


George, straight from Fans vs Favorites season! Do you think past relationships, whether rivalries of allegiances, will affect how people will play in this season? Do you think being the most recent winner makes you a threat or not, and why?


I think past relationships always have an effect on AS seasons, but I hope it's a small one, simply because we deserve to play out these games to our fullest. And I don't think winning makes me a threat, simply because of the way I won. I stayed loyal to my alliance the entire way through, I was looking out for my best buds at any opportunity I had, I didn't even pull off any major moves. I just did my best to survive despite Gavin's dominance all throughout the game, and apparently, 4/8 people thought that effort to survive and those odds to beat were enough for a win. I haven't shown as much of an ability to backstab in FvF's 39 days as some people show in a single day, so for those on this tribe, I'm not threatening, to y'all :3


Day 3 - Tribal Council #1: Nulla Nulla - ResultsEdit

Unfortunately not lol, its 7-2 and there is no division at all . It's almost a majority call ;)


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