The Outcasts
Tribe Profile
Season Paranoia Island
Tribe Type New Tribe
Day Formed Day 17
Rival Tribe(s) The Dictators
Tribe Status Dissolved on Day 21
Lowest Placing Member Tyson (17/21)
Highest Placing Member Kevin (Winner)

The Outcasts is one of the two new tribes that were formed at Final 14 on Survivor: Paranoia Island.


Large 1088643ChrisS6KaceyKevin


  • At Final 14, all the castaways were encouraged to vote out 4 of their current co-tribe members. All the castaways were ranked and divided based on the number of votes they've received.
    • The Outcasts as the castaways who received the highest number of votes.
    • The Dictators as the castaways who received the lowest number of votes.


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