Day 15 - Tribal Council #5A: Nulla NullaEdit

Nulla Nulla, welcome to your fifth tribal council in a row.


Everyone got 3 questions for you all:

1) What are you basing your vote on tonight? 2) Do you think you are save or in trouble tonight? 3) Who do you think on the other tribe is going home?


I'm basing my vote on strategy.

I am safe thankfully.

I have no idea


1) On what is best for the tribe, aka, voting people who normally aren't really assets and probably won't bring anything else to the tribe.

2) Probably in trouble, ya know. When you don't really have an alliance with people and, well, Lucas was voted out despite his clear activity on the tribe, it is really unpredictable.

3) A flop.


1. I am basing my vote on strategy 2. I think I am in between 3. I really don't know


1. My vote will be based on what I think is going to benefit the tribe

2. I would like to think I am safe but you can never feel safe in this game. You must always be a little bit worried that it's you walking out the door. 3. I think they'll vote someone who's not contributing to their tribe.


1. I am basing my vote tonight in a way that I keep in mind that we should always move forward and would greatly favor us.

2. Always think that your back is up against the wall. No one is safe unless the game is finished. 3. I think it will be an intresting vote, who will be their first casalty. Lines will be drawn tonight.


1. I'm basing my vote on who I think I can trust in this game going forward, as trustworthiness is extremely important considering the uphill numbers battle we’ll all have to face.

2. No one’s safe in this game, but I don’t think there’s any real reason to get rid of me given how loyal I’ve been to y’all, so I’m hopeful but still as anxious as everyone besides David, Reign and Miguel. 3. I have absolutely no idea because obviously I can’t really know what’s going on over there, but I’m REALLY excited that they’re going tbfh. Remember in Bolivar, when Camina’s first TC showed 2 people they were on the outs, forcing them to flip to Gauja, giving Gauja a fighting chance despite going into the merge down 7-4. I hope to GAWD that this draws a line in the sand & shows some of the Woomeras that in the words of Godfrey Mangwiza, “This ain’t no lovers’ paradise.”


Day 15 - Tribal Council #5A: Nulla Nulla - ResultsEdit

Day 15 - Tribal Council #5B: WoomeraEdit

Woomera, welcome to your first tribal council. Behind each of you is a torch, dip it in fire and let's get started.


Everyone got 3 questions for you all:

1) What are you basing your vote on tonight? 2) Do you think you are save or in trouble tonight? 3) Who do you think on the other tribe is going home?


1) I can't vote tonight so I can't base my vote on anything.

2) Yes I'm safe, cause I have immunity. 3) I have no idea how things are going in the other tribe. Hopefully a strong competitor gets voted out so we can keep going with this incredible winning strike.



1) Hopefully, voting out somebody that will help strengthen the tribe. 2)IDK hopefully i'm not in trouble D: 3)Hopefully somebody strong lol


1. We may be a strong tribe, but there are still some weaknesses in it. My vote will be based on getting out someone who is nothing but a liability.

2. Only Miguel and Reign have the right to feel safe. I havent heard anything about me going home, and Id be suprised if I did, but you can never fully believe anything anyone is telling you. 3. No idea


1. My vote will be based on this: "A team is as strong as its weakest link."

2. Everytime I go to tribal I never feel safe since there is that anticipation that it's you. But I hope not tonight.

3. I have no idea about the tribe dynamics of the other tribe, unfortunately.



1. To make the tribe stronger.

2. No one is safe so I don't know.

3. No idea. Hopefully the other tribe will self-destruct and take out their biggest asset.


Tribe strength.

Not at all, I don't have immunity.

I have no clue!


1. World peace.

2. I have immunity. 3. Not David. Or whoever won the immunity.


I will vote out someone who doesn't contribute much in our tribe. We need to make our tribe stronger so that we could continue the winning streak. I think no one is safe except for Reign and Miguel. I just don't know who will be voted out on the other tribe but I do hope they will vote out one of their strongest members.


1. Basically I'm voting with what I hope is a clear majority keeping the tribe strong

2. I think one can never be 100% safe without immunity but I do believe there is a consensus on what needs to happen.

3. I feel this game right now is like Koror vs. Ulong on so many levels. I believe that the person voted out on our tribe is going to be someone who isn't going to help us as a tribe, whereas I don't think the other tribe has really shown to care as much about that; so hopefully they'll just continue to self-destruct whoever they vote out.


Day 15 - Tribal Council #5B: Woomera - ResultsEdit

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