The BEDKIK Alliance
Large 1088643DBEvan
Season Paranoia Island
Founder Brian & Kim
Members Remained Loyal:
Kevin (Day 20-32)
Brian (Day 20-31)
Kim (Day 20-29)
Ivan (Day 20-25)
Evan (Day 20-29)
DB (Day 20-25)
Lloyd (Day 25-29)
Aston (Day 21-23)
Day Formed Day 20
Enemies Bad Bitches In Charge
Lowest Placing Member Ivan (12/21)
Highest Placing Member Kevin (Sole Survivor)

The BEDKIK Alliance was a majority alliance on Survivor: Paranoia Island.


The BEDKIK Alliance stands for members' first names:

It was formed on Day 20 when Brian was almost voted out on Day 19, with Tyson being disqualified. With that, Brian was in an alliance with Kim and Ivan. With them in an alliance, they were outnumbered. But then all of a sudden, Kevin told Brian that he voted for him because he didn't want to ruffle feathers with Szymon and Wesley. But then Brian forgave Kevin, and brought Kevin into the alliance. But with them having 4, Brian thought he needed 2 more, so then Brian asked DB and Evan to join the alliance, and they both agreed. Then the alliance of 6 formed, and they became the BEDKIK Alliance. With only 6 of them, they had numbers to control the game, and go against the Bad Bitches In Charge alliance, so on Day 21, the alliance's first target was Wesley due to him being in the other alliance, so Wesley got voted out. Then the merge came, and Kacey and Aston came back into the game. Aston and Lloyd was in the BEDKIK alliance, while Kacey was on the other alliance. This lead a division at merge, the BEDKIK alliance then targeted Eddie, and Eddie was voted out by 8 votes. Then as the next target was Szymon, Evan decided to go against the plans, and vote out Aston. As the alliance started falling apart, DB decided to go against the alliance, and try to plan a blindside against Kevin and Ivan, so then DB decided to join the other alliance, and vote out Ivan. With Ivan voted out, The BEDKIK alliance was formed into a core alliance called the Redemption alliance, formed by Kim, and it was Brian, Kim, Kevin, Lloyd, and Evan. They planned a blindside against DB, and he was voted out. After DB was voted out, Evan and Lloyd decided to go against the BEDKIK alliance by flipping against the other three. Until then they sided with the minority alliance, and voted out Kim. At Day 31, they started to pagong the BEDKIK Alliance following Brian and then Kevin. At Day 32, the alliance was destroyed.