Thống Nhất
Thong Nhat Tribe
Tribe Profile
Season Survivor: Vietnam
Namesake Vietnamese term of "Unity"
Tribe Type Merged Tribe
Day Formed Day 18
Lowest Placing Member Cameron (14/22)
Highest Placing Member Ran (Winner)
Thong Nhat Flag
Dragon Insignia
The Dragon.

Thống Nhất is the merged tribe of Da Nang and Hanoi from Survivor: Vietnam. Their tribe color is white.


Anthony S4Bryce S4Cameron S4Du S4Duy S4
Ivan S4JC S4Jennifer S4Kaeden S4
Ran S4Roby S4Tine S4Tung S4Wowie S4


  • Thong Nhat initially merged with 12 castaways, but shockingly Jennifer & Tung joined them at Thong Nhat's first tribal council. These two returnees from Snake Island were both immune at their first tribal council.


  • Duy quit in the game, thus not making the Jury.

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