Saigon Tribe with name
Tribe Profile
Season Survivor: Vietnam
Namesake Ho Chi Minh City,
the largest city in Vietnam;
formerly named Saigon.
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Da Nang
Tribe Status Dissolved on Day 16
Challenge Wins 3
Lowest Placing Member Zachary (22/22)
Highest Placing Member Jennifer (3/22)
Saigon Flag
Lion Insignia
The Lion.

Saigon is one of the two starting tribes of Survivor: Vietnam. Their tribe color is yellow. All starting members came from various countries a.k.a. "The World".


Starting TribeEdit

Anthony S4Bryce S4Cameron S4Du S4
Duy S4Jennifer S4Kaeden S4Qayyum S4
Tung S4Tyler S4Zac S4

Post-Additional TribeEdit

Anthony S4Ivan S4Ran S4
Roby S4Tung S4Tyler S4

Tribe HistoryEdit


  • Jennifer is the sole original female member of Saigon tribe.
  • At Day 16, Saigon tribe was dissolved.
    • Saigon is the first and only tribe to be dissolved in Vietnam.

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