Palawano Tribe with name
Tribe Profile
Season Survivor: Palawan - Battle of the ORGs
Namesake One of the 4 Indigenous groups
of Puerto Princesa
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Batak
Tribe Status Merged with Tagbanwa
on Day 20
Challenge Wins 5
Lowest Placing Member Ezekiel (16/20)
Highest Placing Member Andreas (3/20)
Palawano Flag
Palawano Buff

Palawano is one of the four starting tribes of Survivor: Palawan - Battle of the ORGs. Their tribe color is red, it consists of Lagrossa ORG's representatives.


Starting TribeEdit

Andreas S8Ezekiel S8Sergiu S8
Shannon S8Tata S8

Post-Tribe Shuffle & Dissolve #1Edit

Ezekiel S8George S8Jeff S8
Norbert S8Tata S8Tung S8

Post-Tribe Shuffle & Dissolve #2Edit

Alex S8David S8George S8Mihai S8
Sergiu S8Tata S8Tung S8

Tribe HistoryEdit


  • Palawano is the only starting tribe of Survivor: Palawan to have female members.
  • Palawano became the first ever "exiled tribe".
  • Palawano is the first starting tribe to have all of its members came from 4 different tribes.

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