"New Jungle of Havoc and Chaos"
Season Survivor: Vietnam
Episode Number 9/16
Episode Chronology
Previous Time to Cut Off a Limb of the Body
Next Brewing a Plethora of Paranoia

New Jungle of Havoc and Chaos is the ninth episode of Survivor: Vietnam.


Individual Immunity: Touchy Subjects
Individual Immunity Winners: Anthony, Bryce, JC & Tine
Snake Island Immune Returnees: Jennifer & Tung


Day 18Edit

The 12 remaining players merged, and named their tribe, Thong Nhat. Tung won the Snake Island Final Battle, becoming the 1st returnee. While Jennifer was voted as the Avengers' bet garnering 3 votes out of 5.

Day 19Edit

Jennifer & Tung both returned at Thong Nhat's frist tribal council with immunity necklaces. At tribal council, the first ever revote happened, following also the first tiebreaker - purple rock drawing.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Thong NhatEdit



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