Day 6 - Tribal Council #2: Nulla NullaEdit

Welcome back to tribal council Nulla Nulla. Before we vote, I have some questions for you all.


Nuno, you got the best time in the challenge today (congrats btw). How frustrating is it that you've lost two challenges in a row despite your effort at the last challenge?


Kinda sad, ya know, but we have to work with what happens. I hope the tribe sees that I am working my ass and doesn't vote me out, but I can't really control what they think.


David, how is the strategy of this season effected due to there not being Hidden Immunity Idols? Do you think that it makes the game easier or more difficult as result?


Well it certainly is a twist of its own but one never knows in this twisted game we love.


Brian, you took the most time to complete the challenge. Are you concerned that people may see you as a weak link for that reason and if so do you think that you are a target tonight for that reason?


I suck at puzzles -__- and honestly vote with your mind, not your heart guys


JJ, you received two votes last Tribal. Does it concern you that there is someone here right now who voted for you to leave? Do you think that you are still a target tonight?


Everyone is a target on their own. Its just a matter of who is more cunning, viscious, cut throat, manipulative, and condescending. We will get votes sooner or later, I feel bad cause I got two, but the beauty of that is, you bettah get yourself together brothah, so it aint no chop chop! Every tribal is nervewracking to the nth power!


Wowie, what does this tribe need to do to start winning some challenges in the future? Is there anyone here who needs to go for that to happen?


I think we are giving it our all in challenges. It's just that the other tribe has been luckier.


Lucas, how do you think the pair twist effects the season in terms of strategy and alliances? Does it have a lot of effect, no effect. Is it a positive or negative effect? Etc.


As for now the only effect it has is the presence of the diplomatic immunity, I don't believe it has any effect on strategy, as for yet - but I might simply not be informed. :p


Jay, pretty simple question for you. Do you feel that you needed Diplomatic Immunity tonight? Please elaborate on your answer a bit.


I don't need it but it's dumb to give it away


George, the last vote was almost unanimous. Do you think that tonight's vote will be similar or less so?


Didn't answered.


Day 6 - Tribal Council #2: Nulla Nulla - ResultsEdit

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