Day 10Edit

*WAPOOW* A switch happens and I am swapped to SAIGON with my old tribemates RAN and IVAN. Dang, I trust Ivan a lot but I do not trust RAN at all but maybe I have to. We won immunity, these other rival tribes has no match with us. GO SAIGON!


Seriously, this might have been the suckiest day of my life. Ron got blindsided. I got the worst challenge performers Kaeden and Norbert in Da Nang and the host of this ORG lead me that we can do the challenge by patterns.

THIS IS JUST FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @$#$%#^#^%#@ SERIOUSLY, F*CK ALL!!!!!!!

I don't know why am I am not quitting because of this but seriously this is just getting too much! I must be really crazy for staying in this game. I really need to release my anger somewhere.


I'm pulling off a Cochran to INFILTRATE THOSE ENEMIES of ours, I also hope we find that hidden immunity idol. I'm guessing Rafe next. I hope it is really him. Every tribe has 3 Saigon and 3 Hanoi each. GAME ON!


I hate this kind of challenge ugghhhh HATE IT

I mean, there's a tribe had finished, now it comes down to Hanoi and Danang. I have no idea what's going on over Danang tribe, they messed the challenge before. But now it seems like they do it more carefully. They stopped at 91, we stopped at 82.

I'm so sleepy and just want to stop this freaking torture. If we have to go to Tribal, we're even. 3 original Saigon, 3 original Hanoi. At least I have Jenn here. 3 of us: me, Jen and Cameron need to stick together or we'll be picked off one by one.

The last Tribal Council of Hanoi seems confusing to me. Roby had approached me and said that he was on the bottom and I didn't see any vote against him last TC. That's kinda fishy, he might be working on me to take the information for his tribe. But I'm not dumb, I'm not.


After talking to Alex, our host, he admitted all his faults and I admitted that I have such a fiery mouth. I guess I just really need to release my anger and now I am crying like a little child. Maybe I just need a good cry and express what happened after the blindside + assigning of Batman and Superman (Ivan and Anthony) at Saigon and two people who don't actively participate in the challenge (Norbert and Kaeden) at my tribe + the miscommunication with Alex at the challenge. I had one serious meltdown and my previous confessional featured that.

Like Alex said, he is not perfect host. Well, I am also not perfect human and contestant and I am probably very insulting and hurtful to other people but at least we got to be honest and had a little pep talk. He helped me at processing my feelings.

This is a game about betraying people but it is definitely refreshing to be honest about things even to one person.

Back to the game, I think it is probably wise to tell the World what happened. I mean, come on, that is the best move to take. I cannot trust Filipinos except Tine. Even in real life - a Filipino will swindle his own countrymen. That is what happening now in the game.


Now that I am thinking more clearly now, I get it why there are bitter jury members in the game of Survivor. I get it - this is a blindside but remember that we are friends too and you should had at least balls to talk to me after that. After Ron's blindside, I am honestly hurt by Ivan and Jc who I know in real life. They did not have any balls to talk to me. Ivan only did after Tine confronted him but it honestly felt great that Ivan did talk since you get to express your emotions. Jc on the other hand did not, so I guess that can be a factor if ever Jc and Ivan are in the finals and I am on the jury. Ivan at least solidified my relationship to him and I felt like I am just a pawn in Jc's game. They are both good strategists but Ivan's social game is way better and might make him the winner of this game.

I think this is not an ordinary ORG season. You have people that see each other in real life and this ORG might be the closest thing to the real Survivor. In the real Survivor, you get human interactions unlike in an ordinary ORG season. This season is different - ten out of eleven players in Hanoi, the Filipino tribe, know each other in a forum and we meet up. The boundaries between ORG and real friendships are really blurred.

Asking me "how are you doing after the blindside" tells me that you have great social skills and not just pure strategy. It tells me that you are human not just some strategy monster. If I were on the jury, if you played too much social game - I will ask you about your strategic gameplay. If you played too much strategy - I will need to remember that you are human and not a sociopath.

The challenge obviously brought Tine and I's spirits down. We just got blindsided + Alex screwed us in the challenge + getting the two challenge suckers - and she is now telling me that she might quit. I will be honest too that quitting also went into my mind. Hopefully she will talk to Alex about it. My spirits are definitely up when Alex talked to me, I hope she does.


I'm voting for Norbert.

I'm sorry but I think you're weighing us down like an anchor of a ship or a sack of rice waiting to be cooked. It just sucks.


I don't know whose side I am anymore. I know I am not part of their chosen side and they might have screwed every Filipino in this game.

-Norbert- PS: kakagising ko lang, haha, kaya walang pic


Switcheroo? I hate it. I wanted to be in the same tribe the day after the blindside so we would know how the others would react.

I'm glad we got rid of Ron before the switch. At least their power alliance is broken. And though Lester and Tine are still together in the new tribe, I doubt both of them will get to the merge. However, it would be in the Pinoys' best interest to have them both at the merge. But will they be loyal to us? I don't know. That's why we should work with the other players, just to be sure.

The new Hanoi members are awesome. I'm glad that I'm still with JC and Jonathan because that gives the Pinoys the advantage. However, Jonathan is like a ghost. He didn't participate in the challenge at all. Had it not been for the others, we would've lost. Although there's a big chance we don't because Da Nang was crazy during the last challenge. I'm not sure if they deliberately did that.

Anyway, my dilemma now is are we going to get rid of Jonathan next? He's an original Hanoi but if we can't depend on him, then we're toast. We have to work on Cameron and Jen. I don't like Du because he's like Roby. He's all over the place.


I pray that the filipinos in Da Nang stick together and vote together. I really hope they do. Because at our tribe, we surely are putting on a show. WE'RE GOING FOR THE OSCARS. And for you Anthony, I have something to tell you-- YOU MANIPULATE BADLY!


It's getting clear to me that ANTHONY is Hannical Lecter. The way he speaks, the way he carries his ego says it all. He might just be the ring leader of saigon. If that's the case, HE IS THE CANCER OF OUR TRIBE. Uncurable. Killer. Bullshit.


Well this game has just taken a dramatic turn. Im in an alliance with 7 of the former saigon tribe members but how lucky for me, im in a tribe with the only 2 people not in the 7people alliance.

At this stage i have to trust cameron and du and i think they trust me too. If we do lose, it looks like it will be a 3-3 tie. John carlo approached me about him floating around and not being in an alliance etc. his exact words were "I don't have any right now not close with Jonathan or wowie"....

I can see right through him, if you're going to play me with your lies, im going to play with your emotions. I told him he was the first person to approahced me after the tribe switch (which is true) and that i have more trust in him than i do the other 2 boys.

I can feel he is the king pin, he smart with his words but i know he is fucking with me, and this just proves it in Danangs tribal council espaically with Lester going all crazy.

Im just going to stick with du and cameron, but also still have a close friendship with John carlo incase one of the 2 former saigon boys decides to flip, i know he will have my back.

If we go lose, ill be voting jonathan because he was useless in the first challenge and dont want someone in my tribe who doesnt give a crap about this game.



Episode 5 Confessional

SWITCH We got switched. I am sad to see JC and Wowie remain on Hanoi Tribe while I got transferred to Saigon. It's a good thing I am with people who I trust - Ran and Roby. On the other hand, we have Anthony, Xuan Tung and Tyler. None of these I trust. I can foresee a tie but I will do my best to shake things up.

I don't trust Anthony because I think he is a schemer. And according to recent events, he was pointed out as the second in command (to Duy) in Saigon. He's the most active as well. I need to keep an eye on him.

CHALLENGE - 99 BOTTLES OF BEER I was still a little bit sleepy when I read the challenge which was about 99 bottles of beer. I got ecstatic because my initial silly thought was the first tribe to show a picture of 99 empty bottles of beer would win. LOL.

We won the challenge by a huge time margin. Honestly, overall, I really think that we are a POWERHOUSE in challenges. I mean, with Anthony and me, we definitely have this in the bag. But there are things that I need to consider for the long term. My loyalty is still within the Filipinos. But I'll be open with options in working with the other team. I just don't know who to work with yet.

LESTER vs JC I got a call from JC and he was very disappointed and mentioned he wants to quit. Apparently, Lester threw him under the bus in Da Nang's tribal council. And it became more personal. I was feeling the guilt in blindsiding Tine and Lester but I really thought as Survivor fans, they would be able to respect the move. Lester's meltdown signifies a possible end of the Filipinos. And it did - Norbert, surprisingly, voted against Lester and he was fifth person out.

The Filipinos are crumbling after the Ron vote and I don't feel like pursuing this villain thing anymore.

More than anything, I want a Filipino to win. I guess it's time to shift my patriotic gear to become a hero at this stage in the game.

So I am willing to put my neck on the line to save Tine and Norbert in Da Nang in the next episode…

Best regards, Ivan Laurence


Day 11Edit

I'm voting for lester ... dude i have seen the better path


Sooooo. I've been an emotional wreck these past few days after that big blindside. I can't even think straight and its taking over my brain, then we had this loss after the switch. It took a toll on me, even Lester described me as histrionic at one point. Well, after sleeping it off, I felt better.

I can say otherwise with Lester. Man, he is like a ticking time bomb that's gonna explode like a Nuclear Missile during the World War! And he did explode. I trust our alliance but he is digging himself a grave after all of that tirade. So, I may need to start building stronger alliances with other people in all of the tribes. He is dangerous but if he ruffles too many feathers, we might see his head on a stake (figuratively) sooner or later.


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