Laugh in the Haze!

Andreas S8


Contestant Profile

Survivor: Social Island

Tribe(s) Sigavé
Placement 18/20
Challenge(s) Won 1
Vote(s) Against 10
Day(s) Lasted 12

Survivor: Palawan - Battle of the ORGs

Tribe(s) Palawano
Puerto Princesa
Placement Second Runner-Up (3/20)
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 15
Day(s) Lasted 39

Laugh in the Haze!, also known as Andrew, Andreas or by his old account name MunchlaxMeister, is the second runner-up from Survivor: Palawan - Battle of the ORGs. He originally played in Survivor: Social Island

Survivor: Social IslandEdit

Voting HistoryEdit

Andrew's Voting History
Episode Andrew's
Voted Against
1 Sigavé Tribe Immune
2 Ali Jemarc, Mark
3 Sigavé Tribe Immune
4 Andrew;
Andrew, Jake, Nick;
Ash, Jake, Jemarc,
LP, Taylor
Voted Off, Day 11
5 On Social Island
Eliminated, Day 12

Survivor: Palawan - Battle of the ORGsEdit

Voting HistoryEdit

Andreas's Voting History
Episode Andreas's
Voted Against
1 Palawano Tribe Immune
2 Palawano Tribe Immune
3 Tagbanwa Tribe Immune
4 No Tribal Council
Tagbanwa Tribe Immune
5 Tagbanwa Tribe Immune
6 Shannon Kevin, Miguel,
7 Norbert Norbert
8 Kevin Sergiu, Tata, Tung
9 Sergiu Sergiu, Tata, Tung
10 Sergiu -
11 Miguel;
No Vote
12 Kevin -
13 Miguel Kevin
14 Kevin Penalty Vote,
15 Andreas Andreas
16 George George
Jury Votes
for Andreas
2nd Runner-Up, Day 39