Day 12 - Tribal Council #4: Nulla NullaEdit

Nulla Nulla, welcome to your forth tribal council in a row.


Brian, with no submission do you think that the tribe see you as a week link or will they think of someone else?


I couldn't play because I had hw last night and then played bowling today


Nuno, how do you think the tribe is getting along? With Jay being voted out last time you guys seem to being doing the same. So what do you think needs to change in order for your tribe to get along?


I don't know and I don't think it is a big issue lol


David, how you do feel about going to tribal agian and knowing that you guys was close this time? Is it annoying having players not submit high scores or what?


Obviously I don't like being here but it's part of the game. I'm not annoyed as much as I am frustrated.


Lucas, is it clear that there is alliances are on the tribe already?


I believe that people have a general idea of who is close with who and who isn't.


Wowie, with a low score do you think your tribe will vote you out or target a huge threat? Also last time being almost voted out of last tribal. Do you think you see your self going as well?


It's embarrassing to have the lowest score but it doesn't mean I did not give it my all. With a damn old laptop, I was lucky to even pass the 100 mark.

I wouldn't say almost voted out because I only got two votes. There are seven votes. I trust the people I am with 100% so let's just leave it at that. I hope nothing changes and I don't drop my jaw at the results.


JJ, what do you think of the other tribe crushing you guys for a 4th time in a row?


I think before entering in this game, all of us had a clear thought that there can be a winner and a loser in all the sides of the square. I am not really sure on the ambiance on the other tribe, yes they maybe crushing us, nor laughing at our loses, but we accept that, and they are doing their best, kudos to them, but we will keep on fighting and give them a run for the money. It's anybody's ball game, still.


George, how does it feel having immunity, but knowing you can't cast a vote?


It's frustrating not being able to vote, but honestly, it couldn't have happened at a more opportune time. I haven't had an internet connection for about 14 hours since the modem at home wasn't working, so I feel like if I had to vote, I would be worrying quite a lot about what to do because I couldn't talk to anyone. So while it's frustrating not to be able to be a part of tribal affairs, I have to be thankful for a lot less stress in my life in general.


Day 12 - Tribal Council #4: Nulla Nulla - ResultsEdit

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