Day 4Edit

I'm not super concerned about racism. I mean, I love everyone, no matter what color they are. But if they're going to make race an issue, then I'll be the first one on board combatting racism if it means being well-liked by my tribemates.


So I realize now that I'm scoring points by bashing Qayyum. It's kind of a shame really. People used to score points for bashing me in elementary school. But now the tables have turned.


[Sheep/ Poodle]

Oh my goodness, how old is Roby? Seriously? He is such a little kid in the tribe along with Norbert. He doesn't know what is a sheep or a poodle in the game and awkwardly - no one is replying to him for 10-30 sec and I even saw "seen by Ron", hahahaha. Thank goodness Jonathan broke the silence and answered him. Jonathan is a very dispensable player and the way he is blabbering his mouth now to Roby and the whole tribe might be his demise. Let them all be sheep to the slaughter house if they want to.


Day 5Edit

I hope we win this challenge. We need to even up the numbers and defeat the Internationals. There logo seriously was crap -- BIG TIME.So Ivan thought of this "idea" to put 2 people on two doors and bluff on the SAIGON tribe the "fake" doors so we get 3 POINTS each door. *evil grin* Our tribe is just full of nice people with an evil grin on our faces. DAMN I hate their tribe, I'll be the MALEFICENT to their SLEEPING BEAUTY. *evil laugh again*


If ever we lose, it might be Norbert or even me. Since JC told me someone told him that I was talking to everyone. Which was T-R-U-E. But right now, I need to play my cards right and blindside someone if ever we lose this challenge. Ivan, Ron and I lead this challenge and I hope it pays good. HANOI will ANNOY you, Saigon. Hahahha. Very punny, indeed.


I want the Saigon tribe to experience tribal council. DAMN. Please. Vietnam gods, be with our favor. Tribal council is Hell and I am kinda like Lucifer who will strike them with the fork-like thing end ablaze them to death! I can't imagine how I'm so mean. Hahaha!


I swear I am worse than the villain in Maleficent! Hahaha. But I'll not play like Russell. I'll play like Tony. Building bridges then burning them, then rebuilding them again! I'm a carpenter, If you know what I mean! Hahhaha


[Roby's Active Participation]

I think it is obvious that Roby doesn't have an alliance and is trying his very best at the challenges so he will not be targeted at the vote. It might be working for him but I at the merge, I might use that as an argument against him. It really depends, I will vote who is convenient for now then I will vote the threatening ones if they arise. Right now, I need the enthusiastic at challenges but later at the merge they will be a threat to my game. I know that I will send a wrecking ball to their hopes and dreams. Hahaha.


I just solidified my individual alliances with Jonathan, Ivan and JC.

Jonathan (Coconut Bandits 2.0) Ivan (Bros-R-Us) JC (JC-Roby Alliance)

I hope I get this three under my thumb. I put my trust on them BIG TIME.


There are four alliances in the tribe. The first alliance which is I am a member of is the Power Rangers which consists of Ran, Ron, Wowie, Ivan, Tine and I. The second alliamce that I am part of is the Four Square alliance which consist of Ran, Ivan, Jc and I. The third alliance is the Hanoi Six which consist of Jonathan, Roby, Ivan, Ron, Tine and Jc. The fourth alliance is the Accidental alliance which consist of Ron, Tine and Ivan. Tine and I figured that out and probably we are the only ones who know.

Make it five alliances - the Thomasian alliance - Tine and Lester. Perhaps the most dangerous alliance of all the five. Ivan is a member of the four large alliances and Roby is one good talker, at least I did not fell for his trap on revealing my alliances. I am not limiting my knowledge on the five alliances, because for sure, there are other secret alliances in place.


So today had been eventful. We had in contact with the other tribe. Plus the challenge is mentally exhausting! Talk about Math and Logic, and this is making me hate the subject! Haha!

We were talking strategies and what not but we can't come up with a conclusion because other people isn't online to agree or disagree about the decision thats going to be made. I, for one, just let the experts do their job but still be on my toes. At the end of the day, we are checking on who already submitted their door numbers. The missing ones are Norbert, Ran and Wowie. The funny thing is we had a search party for norbert since he wasnt around.

I am really hoping for a win this time after what happened with the last immunity challenge.


I'm so happy we won that immunity challenge. It's time to experience hell sore losers! Hahahaha. I hope they vote someone strong out there.


Wow, Hanoi won the immuniry challenge and this is because of Ivan's strategy. We avoid going to tribal council and we can rest - BUT my mind seems to still run wild and think. I guess there is no rest for the wicked in real life or in the game. :)


Day 6Edit

Oh my goodness, Qayyum just had a meltdown at their tribal council. It is funny how the world is crumbling into pieces. I guess I should tempt them with the peace here in the Philippines. It is More Fun in the Philippines. Hopefully that will be as irresistible as the apple in the garden of Eden.


It's so relieving seeing the rival tribe as dysfunctional as that. If Qayyum is telling the truth, maybe Du is really running the Saigon tribe. But in my tribe, everybody seem to follow what Ivan and I say. We're wicked and they have fallen under our spell. Well, I hope I really get to the merge



Episode 2 Confessional


When the challenge was presented, I was asleep. Some members have already discussed distributing and assigning the numbers to the individuals. However, I did not see this as a good strategy so I felt like it was my time to shine. I probably won't be able to contribute to art tasks, but give me math, statistics and odds & risk analysis, that's my forte. I told them that we would have a greater chance to win if we pick two doors right off the bat. So it will be a sure 3 points (if no one from Saigon picks ours) or 0 point (if someone from Saigon picks ours) which is a better odds than the first strategy.

However, one crucial part of the challenge is to make sure all members submit the assigned numbers to Alex on time. And we got nervous when Norbert, Ran and Wowie weren't able to do that and it was already late at night. But thankfully, everyone did their part and we won the challenge!

I was kind of hesitant stepping up to the plate in this challenge. First, Ron already spearheaded one strategy. Second, my tribemates may see me as a threat. But ultimately, my desire for our tribe to win prevailed so I presented to them the perfect formula. It was a sure win for us, since I noticed that in Saigon, there's no unity or clear plan based on the doors they pick. When we won, I was very happy hoping that I got in the good favor of everyone.

I am very excited and looking forward to tribal councils as there are lots of sheep to slaughter at camp, but we need to win challenges too if I want to stay in the long run.


Ran and Wowie were not that active during this second leg. I became closer to JC. He swore on his 'everything' that he would be loyal to me in this game. I responded and I swore on my Lucky Strike and Tanduay Ice (don't include this in the possible episode 2 title, please) that I would be loyal to him as well. He joked around that it was not enough. The complicated thing about this game is I have to build genuine relationships and bonds with people while at the back of my mind, I'm thinking of the time on when to cut them lose. JC and I bonded and I opened up why this ORG has been helping me to divert my attention from my problem (heartache). And he also shared some of his personal sentiments to me. I want to believe that he trusts me. Do I trust him? Probably in real life, yes. He is a cool guy. But in this game? Not 100%. After all, the general rule is you can never trust someone 100% in this game.

I feel like the King Bee at camp. I strongly feel that I'm in a good position because of the bonds that I formed and the information I'm getting from people. I'm probably the person who's included in most of the alliance threads. The best thing about it is people don't seem to see it! I execute my plans as discreetly as possible. Whenever I would want to get an information, sometimes I let others do it for me. One key bond that I formed is the one with Roby. He is so young, innocent, enthusiastic and so outgoing that I would be able to know his thoughts and at the same time put thoughts in his mind. Ron and Tine are already threatened by him. But I want to carry Roby deep into the game. I know that out of everyone else here, he trusts me the most. Even if he is sneaky and would speak to other tribemates, he fills me in with their conversation. I put him into this thinking that we are the Evil Brothers Alliance (don't include this in the possible episode 2 title, please) and he is very enthusiastic about it. The more I acknowledge his thoughts and plotting, the more he would trust me. The only issue I have is that he has a personal vendetta against Ran and Ran is my closest ally.

Then there's the Four Square wherein the core is me and Ran. It became me, Ran and Lester without Lester knowing he's the third person. It became me, Ran, Lester and JC without JC knowing he's the fourth person. JC mentioned that he is bummed that the Four Square thread is so quiet but that's because there are subsquares in this Four Square.

I make sure there's constant building and strengthening of my early bonds with Wowie and Ran. They're not always active so it really matters to communicate with them privately when they do so.

Ron and Tine would only talk strategy to me in the Accidental Alliance thread. We would discuss our thoughts there and I would just go with the flow. These two haven't talked strategy to me in private so I'm not really putting any bearing with this accidental alliance. But the rule is you gotta make them feel that you are in their game. I really have a strong feeling that these two are tight and they have Lester. JC also feels this way. So we are taking it one step at a time, because the foreigners complicate things a bit! I honestly feel that if there are no World or "Saigon Tribe", I already got this in the bag.

If there's no Saigon Tribe, my move now would be to keep Norbert/Jonathan and blindside Tine/Ron. But since there are possibilities of shuffling and game changing whatnots, I need to be in favor of everyone and be close to every single person in Hanoi. With that being said, I believe it's not yet time for a big move, so we need to continue kicking out the inactive people, Norbert and Jonathan's on my list. I truly believe that I am one of the people behind Red's ouster. And I can very well dictate this one again. Norbert.

Speaking of Saigon Tribe, I was very ecstatic to read chaos in their tribal council. Whatever happened to World Peace? I don't know but I'm loving it as it works to our advantage. Duy is on the hitlist as Qayyum mentioned he is the puppet master over there. So when we shuffle, he's number one on my list. There can only be one puppet master here.

I hope Qayyum does not get voted out in their tribe!


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