Day 1Edit

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, BOYS AND GIRLS! MAY I PRESENT TO YOU...THE ONE...THE ONLY...THE MAN, MYTH AND LEGEND, ROBBED FROM TURTLE ISLANDS...ME! (laughs) I'm back, baby! Remember me? I didn't think so. Let me refresh your memory! As I said previously, I competed on Survivor: Turtle Islands, where I was placed on the Sibaung tribe. The rookies, ya know? Anyway, one would say I this tribe. They pretty much forced me sit the second Immunity Challenge out, and when they lost, they unanimously voted me out! What the hell? What did I ever do? For a tribe of rookies, they definitely were--and so much more. I promised to show everyone that I would standout from the crowd in Turtle Islands, but the chance to do so was forced away from me. Come this time, I will emphatically make sure I do, dammit! My name will be remembered not as "that one guy who got twenty-second place," but as the guy who won Survivor: Turtle Islands! (laughs) I just can't wait!


So I am back bitches! After taking on a leadership role and getting blindsided last season, I am playing a different character this season.

I decided to play a more subtle game, stay under the radar and let the other bigger egoes take the spotlight. But I will keep an eye out and make sure the target's off my back. If I had to throw anyone under the bus without taking the blame for it, I will fucking do it.

The Godfather is taking a backseat this season!


So, here's where I'm at currently in this game. Apparently, there will be no Immunity Challenge for us. We were told to utilize our social skills to our advantage come the future, which will be no problem at all for me. I mean, c'mon--who doesn't think that I'm one hell of a guy, huh? I'm nice, friendly, caring, loyal, trustworthy, and everything of the sort. My goal out here is to--not only win, of course--but to leave the impression that I am a valuable person to stick around. Maybe I won't be the guy who ultimately calls the shots around here. I'll be perceived as a potential threat and will be voted out (snaps) just like that! Maybe I'll play the "Fabio card," ya know? Be the nice, laid-back guy no one wants to get rid of. Though if I know one thing, you simply can't get your hopes high at all in this game. I wonder if I can pull it off, though. Could you imagine if the guy who placed twenty-second in his original season went on to sit at the Final Tribal Council of Mt. Sabyinyo? That would be nuts! But until then, I feel as though I'm in a good spot thus far. I'm in an alliance called the "Fifth Place Club," or "Club Five," or whatever. I think it's great thus far if first impressions have anything to say about it! And this goes the same with the other contestants in this season. Ooh, this is gonna be a fun one!


I would definitely say that this has been one hell of a day for the Club Five! When we formed the alliance, we obviously knew that the three of us couldn't go up against seventeen other people by any means at all. No, we had the plan of working together to gain ourselves the numbers, and in order to do that, we had to have unsuspecting people who had absolutely no idea what was going on! It was pretty much a one-by-one process here. After Wes got in, Tyler did, and I soon followed after talking with Ron, and I'm damn proud to say that we've successfully slithered our way and are locked in with Reign, Ron, and Zane. Our numbers doubled! (laughs) We're up to an alliance of six, but the obvious core is myself, Ridgeway, and Wes. Again, a very successful first day if I do say so myself. I'm definitely feeling much better about Mt. Sabyinyo than Turtle Islands, that's for sure. (laughs) And this is what happens when you have such an amazing social game, am I right? So much for being an "outsider." Please, I'll show all of those fools in Turtle Islands that they were wrong!


Day 2Edit

Coming in this game, I consider myself as the underdog. I have no experience and I believe that I’m stuck in a weak alliance of Filipinos. There is Reign, whom I thought was completely inexperienced like me but it turned out that he already won a Survivor Org game. I even consider him as my tight alliance to be until the end, considering our “same status”, but it turned out he is also playing the game by making an unnecessary lie to an innocent person. The revelation happened last night when I was talking to Reign privately and was about to make a deal but just so when I’m about to pop the question, Ron out of nowhere answered in our “Pinoy Alliance Thread” that Reign already won a Survivor Org game. Then we have Ron, a returnee. Before the start of the game, my plan was vote out the returnees as soon as possible to level the playing field to those new comers but in reality he is not the only returnee because almost everyone played the game (in different Survivor Org). I discovered that upon talking to almost everyone. Between the two, I prefer Ron to be my tight alliance. He was sincere and pure when he helped me in our private conversation on how to last long in this game and when he said that he trust me (the very first person who said he trust me in this game).

My strategy in this game is to act as an innocent “not-knowing-what-to-do” person. I wanted them to feel that I’m just here to support anyone who will step forward and act like a follower. I want them to see me as a dog that follows his master, a parrot that repeats their words and a ZOMBIE THAT FOLLOWS A CROWD. I think that is the safest strategy at this point of the game. I don’t feel the necessity of doing big moves but only securing alliances.

IM NOT GOOD WITH ARTWORK SO PARDON ME WITH MY FLAG. What's important is that I'm complying...I guess. :)

In this kind of game where telling a lie is just normal, adding the fact that, we don’t get a chance to see each other’s faces. I am left with nothing but to trust the person who knows me very well and that is the person in the mirror.


So there is an alliance of six that has formed. Ron, reighn, Zane, Wes, Tyler, and Noah. Nothing gets by me. I may not be in the majority but if there is an alliance of 6 (which is a magic number for this game) then I need to do something about it. What they don't know is I have an insider. Some people just talk to the wrong people. I hope they enjoy it while they have it.


Well, I'm not really a group discussion person. I prefer to interact with each person separately. Sadly, however, I have yet to find the time to do so. I've talked to Nickson however, and he seems quite nice.

I'm not really thinking of the Final at the moment, actually.


What are your thoughts of the twist that everyone is given an idol?

A good way of making everybody paranoid as hell.

What are your thoughts of the twist that all of you are in one tribe? Do you think you blended well on Day One? Some are cool, some are ew... This will be either Anarchy or we are picking tribes soon.

Anything that's on your mind to be part of your confessional? I don't really know


1. I think people see me, for right now, the silent type who is just watching to see what happens

2. First person I talked to was Joan and we talked about the season he is currently hosting. 3. I don't think I'm in the majority but I'm not in the minority as well. I don't think I would be an instant target since I don't come off as a huge threat. 4. I like the twist, I think it gives off a new layer of strategy and makes choosing who the vote will go to a lot tougher. I don't plan on using my idol but if I feel I need it, I will.


Well my strategy had to change finding out that everyone had idols and that we were one huge tribe. I'm trying to just get to know everyone for know and see how things pan out.

I spoke to Wes first when he formed the 5th place club & we talked about going all the way to the end together. I do plan on going as far as I can with Noah & Wes. I trust them both equally for now because I don't want anyone feeling left out.

–Tyler R.

I tried to assess everyone that I am playing with and it seems like I am at a disadvantage. Everybody knows everybody, and the only one I know is Ron and I do not trust him. The easy strategy is go under the radar, just let things happen. However, that's no fun. And if I am going to think about the long term situation, I need to gain their respect and I have to do something big now. Otherwise, I am just a number they can easily count off.

The Pinoy alliance you would think is something that I will work with towards the end. But Nickson annoys me and Ron is in it just for himself. So there's no point in keeping that. After all, I don't see them as players anyway and they probably won't help me in the long run. But for now, everything is uncertain, so I am still assessing if I can maneuver through the game with one deadweight and a traitor waiting for the perfect opportunity.

The Six is something that I DO NOT want to work with. If anything I am in it just to get the information that I need. Now if this actually works, I may have foubd a bulldozer that I will ride until the end. Or I set up a noose around my head. The twist feels temporary. I think it is stupid to bring 20 people and expect them to just be one big happy family. I think or I expect a tribal division soon. If we go to the first Tribal Council with 20 people, I may have just played the worst ORG in my life. Everybody having an idol is basically just like everybody not having an idol. And on the first Tribal Council where alliances are fluid, decisions are aimless and loyalties are temporary holding on to an idol is tantamount to just quitting. Play it now, or regret it on Loser's Lodge.

Ron and I made an agreement, go big or go home. Thelna and Louise. They do not know us, abs it is time we are introduced.


So as you may know, Reign and I are in an alliance and we started recruiting our soldiers. So far, we have Tyler R, Zane, Noah and Wes. Nickson, the other Filipino is kinda in our backpocket and Reign's supposed to talk to Jeff to bring him on but I heard that conversation didn't turn out so well and Reign ended up spilling the beans. Now, Jeff knowssss everything about our alliance!

Why the hell do I know that? Because Jeff, as smart as he is, talked to Nickson, who's actually my ally and spilled the beans himself! So Nickson, who's now a puppet, felt the urge to confess to me and now I'm the Mafia boss! HAHA


So the alliance composed of Reign, Tyler R., Zane, Noah, Wes and myself is officially called "The Six" and honestly I think, "it's fucking ridiculous!" It sounds like a group of people who will get picked off one by one, imagine George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four novel or Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. We are like sitting ducks waiting to be shot at. It's foreshadowing and it's making me very anxious.

I agreed to play back-to-back because I want to prove myself that I can actually make it far in this game. This would probably be my last Survivor ORG so I pray to all the Sabyinyo Gods, "please let me survive the next 39 days!"


And now, we are royally screwed! As much as I like Reign, the guy couldn't shut up for a minute! Way to spill the beans, motormouth!

Anyway, I have to regroup and find myself a new home..otherwise, I am officially the worst returnee in the history of this game!


Fuck this shit! Reign and I will "Thelma & Louise" this thing! hahaha


Day 2:

Alas! The Pinoy Alliance is also dead and right now, I'm a double agent.

I'm still working with Reign to ensure he doesn't target me. You know, just to keep me off his radar. Are we forming a new alliance with new people? Probably not!

I'm also working with Nickson to ensure he, Jeff and their stupid alliance won't target me. And yes, if I had to throw Reign under the bus just to get me through the next episode, I would.. Hey, in this game, you either go big or go home!


Now I'll admit, I definitely am bummed out that my flag didn't win. It's expected, I know, that there are Photoshop masters in this game. (sigh) I mean, having another Hidden Immunity Idol--or shall I say, Idol, would have definitely boosted my spirits in this game. It would have given me the confidence heading into this Tribal Council, which will house twenty people! TWENTY! That right there is absolutely insane, yet at the same time, flat out ridiculous. I'm going to Tribal Council with, I do believe, seven votes with me, all in which are targeted at Tyler B. The thing is, though, that's thirteen votes that could potentially go against us and bite us right in the ass! Though I shouldn't have anything to worry about. If you are stupid, you'd play your Idol at the very first Tribal Council of the game, unless you know for a fact you're a target. Though, getting rid of many Idols as we possibly can would be quite fun if I do say so myself. Time is the enemy in this situation, and I hope all goes in our favor.


It’s right before the vote and I’m feeling a bit nervous, just based on the unpredictability this twist brings to the table. I have to be proactive with socializing and strategy or the tide may sweep me away.

The game started off pretty decently for me, I was online and got to talk to a lot of people right at the beginning. This is when the strongest bonds are made. I need both loyal allies because I don’t want to be left in the cold. This is why I formed the 5th Place Club, an alliance consisting of myself, Tyler Ridgeway, and Noah Mason. These are all solid players whom I feel played heroic past games and thus are trustworthy. They are smart enough to strategize with me but they also share the same respect for loyal gameplay that I may need to rely on in an ally later.

Beyond this, I was made a part of a six person alliance by a pretty cunning player named Reign. She is trying to appear non-threatening but I can read her pretty well. I know she is a threat. I’d rather have her with me than against me at the moment though, so I made sure to get noah and tyler into this alliance. Overall, as the 5th place club, we want to play it safe for now but we are willing to float in and out of alliances as a unit to further our game together. A person I played with in Sardinia also wants to work with me, Zane. I’ve worked him into that six person alliance as well. Ron is the member I know the least about. I trust within the six I have four of the votes on my side in case we come to a disagreement. All in all, we just need to play it smart and roll with the punches.

Another thing I’d like to mention….. I actually have two hidden immunity idols due to the flag making challenge and I could not be happier!!! I plan on taking every advantage I can in this game. This victory will probably be the first of many. No one will know this idol is in my possession until it is played.

My hope is that no one tries to pull anything by playing their idol on the target this round, but you never know in Survivor. The first person to get paranoid and play their idol is going to be torn apart by others like a piece of meat being dangled before a pack of ravenous wolves. I am a wolf and these competitors are my prey.


I think they see me as anti-socail

My strategy is to simply evolve into a master as the game goes on I haven't spoken to anyone individually yet Nothing yet but i'll tell you when


So far my strategy has been as follows.

Step One: Join an alliance in the clear majority. Step Two: Get Joe fucking Tiernan out of here ASAP before he can poison everyone against me. (Whether he will actually do this or not is irrelevant, as I intend to get rid of him before he makes it that far.) Step 3: Stay as under the radar as I feasibly can and really step up my game at Final 10.


The discussion with Michael hillier was a joke as we are friends

I think people think I'm funny I spoke to Wes anf we made an alliance


You were an alternate, do you think it will hurt you that people started talking for 2-3 hours already before you were in?

What do you think is the impression that people get from you? Who is the first person you spoke to (private message) and what did you talk about? Are you planning to use your idol in your first tribal council? Why or why not?

1. It could hurt me a little, but I may earn the respect of others if I just talk to them frequently and let them get to know me.

2. They might get the impression that I'm easygoing and fun to talk to, plus I make a great ally.

3. I've talked with Joan a bit

4. It depends on where I think I stand. Right now, I might have to make a few more bonds to feel safe ENOUGH to not use it.

5. Something on my mind is that I hardly know most of these people. It might be harder than usual to find someone who will stick with me to the end in this season.

Looking forward to the next interview.


I told Jeff about The Six and invited him to join us. He declined and said I should stay with the alliance and he will form a counteralliance.

This little boy thinks I am a lightweight? He just made an enemy out of me.

If I were him I would be on the lookout. Because anytime I sense I am in hot water, I'll direct the target towards him. And here I am thinking I may have found a Final 2 alliance. Somehow, I just found an easy target. :) But yeah that's the only play I have. LOL.


I don't know how I fare with the other members. I actually have a hard time knowing who is actually playing as there are 46 members on the page so I don't know who to add, who may know who, or who doesn't. The first person I talked to was reighn - she said I had a trustworthy face and told me about the alliance that was formed. Tyler will be competing in another ORG with me so i approached him to see if we could have each others backs now and form something strong to prepare for our other one. I need to talk to him more though since there wasnt too much communication.

I trust Reign since she gave me information.

I don't trust anybody else.

Scratch that. Reign is untrustworthy. And I will be playing an idol.


I haven't been active because i was on trip and yes i think that might hurt my game

Twist with idols is very intersting My first person was Nickson Garcia, we just talk about game


What do you think is the impression that people get from you?

I may be perceived as a quiet player, because I like to observe people before creating alliances. This way I can avoid unpleasant situations(aka Survivor Panama where people were in a alliance with people they didn’t like). I hope this doesn’t cost me the game, since I may be seen as inactive.

Going into day one, can you talk to me about your strategy in Survivor Mt. Sabyinyo? My strategy from day one was to not draw attention on me, since that is the first mistake people do on survivor. I have always said that timing is everything and I will wait for the right moments to make moves. It’s risky, yes, because I may be gone until I get to make those moves, but it has worked in the past.

Who is the first person you spoke to (private message) and what did you talk about? I talked with Tyler R, since we’re playing in another org at the moment. We’re in different tribes there but we have a secret alliance. We actually share some personal stuff and I hope he doesn’t lie to me, because I kinda like him.

Do you consider yourself as in the majority? I don’t. I think that when there are 20 people in a tribe, things tend to be chaotic and to be honest I’m waiting for something to change, because it’s hard to create alliance and to talk with all the people when there are so many.

Do you trust someone right now? If yes, who and why? Tyler R, but then again I’m expecting the unexpected, so I would not be surprised if he lies to me. Only disappointed. And to say whom I don’t trust and don’t like at all, that would Jeff. He reminds me of garrett from Cagayan with his ‘’open vote thing’’and I hope he gets the second boot. People should not be so opened about the people they’re voting. And his vote it’s based on what? Talking about random things on a chat does not make you active in a game, but maybe that’s just my opinion. I don’t like the guy, I get bad vibes from him and I hope I can outlast him.


I just posted in the chat about outing the inactive players. This will expose the active ones who will actually be the real targets. I'll decide who that is shortly, and grab a couple people who might follow through accordingly.


Well my mother had the suspicion of me being autistic when I was 3, and on Valentines day she sent me to the doctor who told her tht i was autistic. And when i found out at the age of 7, I studied historical figures and I have my personal ideas who are autistic

I revealed it so people can think they can trust me


With Jeff: Im talking to Jeff but I dont know if we are in alliance of two. Last night, we talked about taking out RON so that REIGN wilk be powerless.. Apparently, he saw that REIGN and RON are tight but I am protecting RON for the moment and said that we should vote for REIGN because he has been trying to vote Jeff out. I also said that REIGN is a good speaker and can sway votes anytime.

With RON: I have a honest (I believe) alliance with. He's been protecting me against REIGN and I hope REIGN doesn't know it. I'm quite sure that he trust me more than REIGN. I gained his trust when I told him that Jeff knew their first alliance that I wasn't informed. I was really pissed with them for not informing me. That is whem I knew I couldnt trust them but because of what I did, RON trust me.. With ADAM: I think he doesn't know who to vote but we have a constant communication so Im sure I can have his vote to whoever I want.

WITH TYLER S. and JOAN: New alliance but its to early to consider to be a solid alliance. As of now, I am basing my vote on who is inactive but if I feel that a blindside is possible then I may consider that.


Day 3Edit

Because I am not going to be here his week i am going to give you my decision of voting right now and it is that I am going to use my Idol. Tyler Sinjoh is my vote

–Tyler B.

Ok so I'm voting for Tyler B. I'm only voting for you because we're voting out an inactive and you're at camp right now. Sorry :/

–Tyler R.

I'll play it safe for now. Tyler B. is my vote


Tyler B


My very first vote of this game goes to Tyler B. It's nothing personal, buddy, it's just that I'm down for trimming off the fat that is the Sabyinyo tribe. After all, it's Survivor, am I right? Peace.


I vote for Zane. I have a feeling it's me since I joined later than the rest, but whatever. I just haven't heard anything from Zane, so yeah :P

I'm going to use my idol. I don't even really care if I waste it or if I'm using it too early. It's just a risk I'm taking. Here's hoping it works well enough to save me.


I vote to evict.. oopss wrong game! sorry..

My gut tells me not to trust Reign but I'm trusting him anyway. So us three (Nick, Reign and myself) decided to divert our votes to someone else and initially, we agreed to vote for Wes but we had a last-minute change to Tyler S. Maybe I'm just paranoid but I think Reign's up to something.

So my vote goes to Reign. I like you outside of this game but I think you're all driving us insane. If you survive this for some reason and then I ended up going home, we'll still have a beer. hahaha


My vote is for Tyler B. because he is inactive.


Tyler S. - Inactivity


I'm voting for Tyler B, because from what I have seen, this is what the tribe wants. I don't think it's the right time to try and make a move, since I have talked only with Tyler R and Reign. Hopefully, this is not a blindside.


I'm voting out Zane


Tonight I'm voting for TYLER B. because he's inactive. Kisses!


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