Day 1Edit

Well well well. Here we are in Vietnam. I intend to be Hannibal Lecter and consume 21 victims. This will be fun!


No one likes to be in the "leadership" role. Ivan asked for inputs. I told that we should put the blue, red and yellow colors - the colors of the Philippine flag. Thank goodness I told that first because Ran almost stole it. Hahaha. At least I already had my input, at least I look active and doing something - the others, not so much.

[After John Carlo went in]

Looks like John Carlo is a very nice guy. He seems to be a leader and probably can get us to act in a challenge. I like him but unfortunately for him, he is outside of the Power Rangers alliance and we all know that leaders are great target for votes. He will be the last person in the tribe and outside of the alliance that I have to vote out.

[After learning that it is not yet challenge time]

Now we were all fooled, hahaha. Everyone got excited on the challenge. I felt relieved that there is no challenge yet and we had the time to bond and get to know everyone. Unfortunately, we also got a glimpse of the personalities of my tribemates during that faux challenge.


I think our tribe is a mix of strong and smart players. My only concern is the people who signed up but could'nt be as active as this game requires them to be.

So my strategy is to be the person to align myself with the active players. If you were active, the communication is open which makes or breaks someone in this game.


I am in an alliance with lots of suballiance, it is crazy, haha.

Anyway, I guess I just have to create a good social game to help me push through and see this game day by day like a doctor - assess the situation, diagnose the problem - create a plan, how do I manage my patient and my patient now is the game


I feel like an underdog right now after my absence. I feel like I need to pull a Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien right now and form an alliance. I feel like MY HEAD IS ON A GUILLOTINE ready to slash my head. I hope I make a 6-person alliance to make the majority. And right now, Jonathan is my right hand man, I feel like I have hum under my thumb.


Right now, my "Hanoi 6 alliance" is composed of me, Jonathan and John. I don't trust Ran, I'm trying to rally Ivan but he has too many friends out of the alliance so, psshhh. I'm trying to talk to everyone right now. THIS IS HOW DESPERATE I AM -.-


I just rallied Ivan, Tine, John, Ron, Jonathan and myself. I hope I move the chess pieces right and get through this first vote.I feel like Francesca Hogi right now, I hope I don't get booted first.


Lester is the dumbest survivor ever for believing me that I will vote with them if ever we lose the challenge. Plus he believed that I'm a floater. I'm just being a double agent and I'm trying to infiltrate their alliance.


So as of right now, the seven seems strong. There are a few kinks, like in Xuan and Kaeden. But other than those 2, I think we're all safely voting for Qayyum. And even if they don't vote for him, Zach definitely will. So Qayyum is going home if we lose this challenge. I'm just going to promote our flag and say that it's the best thing ever. That way everyone will think I'm a team player.



I posted my unfinished flag in the tribe chat earlier, we were talking about it and Qy out of nowhere, jumped in and said crazy stuff; racial things o.0 This guy was insane, he said he wanted to vote Zac out in front of everybody. Is he trying to dig his own grave. That's suicide in this game and it's just day one.

It seems like he did it for reason. Kaeden said Zac said something about Asian. Hah, get what you get Zac. Both Zac and Qy want to throw the challenge to vote each other out, which is stupid. None would fall for that. So just sit back, enjoy the drama.

I knew Duy Tùng before, totally trust him. And I knew Jenn. She and I had talked in Sardinia. So they'll be my first alliance I guess.


I am on island full stupid castaways and hope they ready for villian



Day One Confessional


So Survivor Season 4 of Rockstar ORG started with the theme Philippines vs World. I was ecstatic to be included in a tribe full of Filipinos. I believe we are ready to take on the world!

We have a big advantage because we are culturally a tight group as compared to the other tribe which is more diverse - opening doors to ideas and beliefs clashing with each other, and a possible language barrier.


I knew all of us are Survivor Fans, so I knew that I was into "the big leagues".

As soon as the game started, there were a couple of people online. I tried to message some people but to no avail. I tried to message Tine and Lester since we met each other at Starbucks, in the hopes of cementing a Starbucks Alliance - but they did not respond.

It was only Ran who responded positively. Then we made a pact to stick together and form an alliance. It's good that we have a common friend. His cousin is my college colleague so we had that "alliance connection", as he said. I asked his game plan and he said his strategy is to take it slowly.

I started my Day One scrambling when Wowie messaged me about a potential alliance. We talked about a common interest: writing. And our conversation was cut. After a couple of minutes, we were talking about the game. He said that some people approached him already. He said he was approached by Ron and Lester to create an alliance comprising of RON-LESTER-TINE-WOWIE and are looking to recruit me. I was adamant because I was the last to be approached so I'm at the bottom! And Lester and Tine did not really responded to my alliance invitation! But you really can't say no when you are asked for this opportunity in Survivor, so I told Wowie, I am in. But I will not settle for last place, I cemented a pact with Wowie that we'll look out for each other. Then I mentioned to him that we need to be weary of Ron-Lester-Tine because these three are close. I was feeling disappointed that Lester and Tine did not approach me, but they approached Wowie, with Ron already in. So I'm feeling that these would be a potential power alliance. I asked Wowie his game plan and he said his strategy is to show the majority alliance that they could trust us.

So in the beginning of the game, I made two deals - one with Ran, and one with Wowie. At this point, I feel I need to be most loyal to Ran since we had that early connection and pact. Everytime I interact with them, I made sure it's fun and genuine so that I can get in their favor.


Knowing that I put myself in an alliance of five (Ron-Lester-Tine-Wowie-Ivan), I really did not know if I want to go with this alliance. At one point, I can create a majority alliance with the help of Ran. But when I asked Ran, he is too laxed in the game. It was like he's contented with an alliance of two. And another difficulty is that the other people were still not online! Ran asked me if I want to add one person in our alliance. I asked him who he thinks should be in an alliance. And he says Lester. It seems that Lester and him are already talking! It kind of disappointed me that Lester talked to Wowie and Ran first when I thought we would have an advantage pact since we already saw each other, with Tine.

But it seemed like he got into Lester's favor. And soon, Lester finally messaged me saying "he was recruited by Ran."

Ran added me in the conversation and named ourselves Three Amigos alliance. Lester confessed that Tine, Ron and Wowie talked to him. So I suggested instead of us working against each other, why don't their three and us three join forces to form the power alliance in Hanoi Tribe. We figured that the best thing to do is for the most active members of the group to work together to win challenges.

With this, the Early Bird Power Alliance was created - composing of Ron, Tine, Lester, Wowie, Ran and Me. I feel positive with all the members of this alliance except for Ron who hasn't talked to me.


Chaos ensued on Day One when most of the Early Bird Alliance were not online, and those that were outside of that alliance became active that afternoon. I got a message from Roby who wanted to create a majority alliance. I honestly did not know what to do. So I asked the people I trust - Ran, Wowie and Lester if we should deny if ever asked if we have an alliance already. But Ran's the only person responding.

I did not want to reveal the majority alliance to Roby but I also did not want to say 'No' to him as it may cause this young guy to panic and potentially create chaos (which will be against me). As much as possible, I need to get in the good side of the people. So what I proposed was he talk to Ran and Norbert, and I'll go talk to Lester and Wowie. I gave Ran a heads up about this. I mentioned Norbert who is the most inactive so it would be a lesser risk. I did not want Roby to scramble that much and involve a lot of people.

But Roby is the kind of person who will not fall for something vague. So he asked me questions. Like if I trust him, if I got his back, promise him I am not lying to him, those stuffs which mirrored his youth and innocence. He asked me if I can turn my back against Ran and Wowie? I said I will only do that if there is a majority alliance. He said he created a majority alliance. I was very curious on who these people are so I said I was on board! But really, at this point, my loyalty is with Ran, Wowie and Lester. But I made genuine conversation with Roby and promised him that I got his back. I am planning to take this kid along for the ride.


I was very anxious on who to see in Roby's so called Majority Alliance. When he added me - there were ROBY-IVAN-JONATHAN-JOHNCARLO, and to my surprise - RON and TINE!!! Ron and Tine were supposed to be in the Early Bird Majority Alliance but they got recruited here. And I was sure that when they saw my name, they were also doing the questioning that I'm doing. It made me trust Ron less.

So they started this 'Kumbaya' private discussion and Roby, as young as he is, even commanded me to get in and be active in the thread. But I was just waiting for Ron to post something first. When he did, I jumped in and said hello to everyone.

I really think I got Roby personally with our sincere talks. I even told him that he's as young as my little brother so I might be treating him like that in the game. He made me promise again, oh yes - promise again, that if his name comes up I'll give him a heads up and he will also do the same if my name came up and become a target. To this, of course, I gave a hundred % yes.


Hmmm.. If there is someone who I think is playing as hard as I am. I really believe it's Ron. I can see it. I can feel it. The bad thing is that we do not have a connection! We never talked about alliances outside of the group threads.

Then it surprised me when I received a private message from him. "Hey Ivan." Now he wants to talk, alright! I said that I was about to message him as well, and asked him "Which is which" (meaning which is the REAL majority alliance?) And then the schemer in him came out when he responded.

"We got approached by both alliances e. Might as well take advantage of it to get insights. Basta ang core alliance, ikaw, ako, Tine at Lester. What do you think?

Tignan lang muna natin. If anything this could work for us. Malalaman natin kung sino iboboto ng dalawang alliance Magkakaalaman lang pag bumoto na tayo but that's the only time the majority alliance prevails and one will get ulonged"

He mentioned as long as him, Tine, Lester and me are tight, then we can stir this up because we will both know where the two alliances will go. That waved a RED FLAD for me. Exactly what I thought of in the beginning. First, Ron, Lester and Tine never included me in an alliance except for in the majority alliance. Ron only messaged me when he saw my name in another majority alliance. So his offer of me as their fourth person may just be out of no choice.

I told earlier to Wowie and Ran that we need to look out for a possible powerhouse alliance among RON-LESTER-TINE. Ron recruiting me as the fourth sealed the deal. But this is a deal that I won't outright accept. Surely, among us four, I am the person in the bottom. So this info will come in handy when I try to sway Ron and Wowie. But I don't think I need to sway them hard as I built genuine connections among them.


John Carlo was asked to create the flag which was the Immunity Challenge. Outside of the Hanoi 6 (2nd majority alliance) he messaged me and asked me of my opinion on the flag. But I knew that conversation could be more than just the flag. And I was correct when he pitched in a question of "What do you think of our majority alliance?"

I can not answer that I am a part of two majority alliance of course. Lol. So the safest answer I uttered was : "I didn't really know anyone except for Tine. How about you? Do you know these people?"

He answered that he only knows Tine, Lester and me. And he's kind of bummed that Lester is out of the Hanoi 6 Alliance. So I consoled him in saying that it is still too early in the game and there are people that we (Hanoi 6) can get rid of so we can sway the group from not voting out Lester.I proposed to eliminate first those that are not that active because we need active people for challenges.

Then he finally gave a proposal that he wants to work with me, Tine and Lester. I think JohnCarlo's a cool guy. But the only disadvantage was he tried to make deals too late (yes Day 1 evening is too late already) because people had deals already. But I will definitely consider that.


Ivan & Ran - "Brotherhood Alliance" - Ran is the first person I shook a deal on so I am kind of feeling most obliged and most loyal to him than to anyone else. The only problem I have with Ran is that he appeared to be stiff and not personable when interacting in group conversation which may rub people the wrong way. At least it rubbed Roby the wrong way and the young fella wanted his Hanoi 6 to target Ran. But I accepted the deal but asked Roby if it's possible to not target Ran first.

Ivan & Wowie - "Writer's Alliance" - Wowie is the second person I spoke to about the game. But the others like Lester is not confident with Wowie. And I think he is Ron's pawn.

Ivan & Ran & Lester - "The Three Amigos" - The three Amigos shake on a Final Three deal. These are the three people I trust the most in the Early Bird Majority Alliance. We agreed to share info with each other. Although unknown to Lester, I am sharing info sometimes with Ran only.

Ivan, Ran, Lester, Wowie, Tine & Ron - "The Early Bird Majority Alliance" - Yes it pays to be early. Because we are the very first ones who interacted and became active morning of day one, we instantly had a pact! Although out of the six, Tine hasn't said anything private to me. And then there's Ron who I think is playing as hard as I am. And I know that he has Tine on his side. So my confidence level with this alliance is not that strong.

Ivan & Roby - "The Big Brother Alliance" - Roby attempted to make alliances with almost everybody. At least from what I have heard so far. He's young and he's just seventeen and he is very enthusiastic about this game. But you can see his innocence and naivete. I don't know. He has the tendency to scramble and be paranoid so I think I need to keep my eye on this young fella. Good thing is that I projected to be like his big brother. So if he makes hasty decisions, which I'm sure he will, hopefully he'll consult me first.

Ivan, Roby, Jonathan, John Carlo, Tine and Ron - "The Hanoi 6" - I am very guilty that three of the people in this second majority alliance are very enthusiastic that we got this in the bag. Unbeknownst to them, me, Ron and Tine are in another majority alliance.

Ivan, John Carlo, Tine & Lester - "JohnCarlo Alliance" - A lot of deals are set but you can not really say no if someone says he/she wants to work with you. Right now, I am entertaining this idea but I am not fully committed to it.

Ivan & Norbert - "Super Late Alliance" - Norbert also messaged me that he wants to work with me. But it's too late already, I have a lot of majority alliances, and sub alliances within an alliance! But you really can not say NO.


I think I should give you confessionals before I sleep

[Getting to Know John Carlo aka JC] There are people in the Hanoi tribe that I know before the game such as Ron, Tine, Ivan, Wowie and there are others that I am just trying to get to know like ran and JC. JC and I had a discussion regarding friendship and game. I think we should not choose between those two. JC said that he will choose friendship over game while I said to JC "On the thought between the game and friendship - I say the game is just a game and my friendships and relationships should not affect the game, also true the other way around, I might play like Ciera, who voted out her Mom." After that, he called me a hardcore fan. I hope that he learns to separate the game and his relationships - he will be really hurt since I believe that the players at the Hanoi tribe are just like me - "hardcore fan".


Day 2Edit

I'm playing as hard as I can strategically and I hope it does not bite me in the butt. I know that RAN is running his own alliance and I am running MINE. It's a battle of power right now in the HANOI TRIBE. I'm putting my whole game in my alliance right now. I trust Ivan, Ron, Tine, John and Jonathan individually. But I'm feeling shady about Ivan he might be playing both sides. I'm TARGETING THE BULL'S EYE and it's pointed to RAN.


I have this feeling that HANOI is the ROTU to SAIGON's MARAAMU.I think we have a good shot at the flag making challenge today. I really hope we win so that we don't vote someone out of HANOI (Goodluck Ran), *fist bump brother*

It was your downfall asking me to JOIN YOUR ALLIANCE. Like really?!?! He dug his own grave, It's PLAIN SUICIDAL.


As of today, I'm already a part of two major alliances within my tribe.

The Power Ranger Alliance with: Tine, Ivan, Lester, Wowie, and Ran

The Hanoi Six Alliance with: Tine, Ivan, Roby, Jonathan and John Carlo.

This is probably not the best idea but it surely is the best position to be in this game.

The only question is: will I get caught? :)


Right off the bat this game is going great for me. I'm in a majority alliance, and overall I'm in a good position. This is going to be excellent.


Honestly, I'm worried about how the challenge went for my tribe. Sure, we made a neat flag but is it the best? Probably not. Am I in the right position to step up and make further suggestions? Probably not. I'm not good at drawing stuff so the best I can do is to stay under the radar and show some moral support.

I hope the Survivor Gods shine down on us...


Right now I am trying to BRAINWASH MY ALLIANCE about Ran being the kingpin of the Hanoi tribe. I hope it works for my favor. Right now I am targeting inactives RED and NORBERT (who I promised to align with); and huge threat RAN.


[JC with Ran & Ivan]

Ran had an idea to have an alliance of four with JC. JC is very likeable and since JC worked with Ran on the challenge, I'll hang on to them then probably cut their throats later. They are very deserving to win and I know that I will lose to them.


Day 3Edit

Strategically speaking I'd get rid of RAN, but strength wise, I would get rid of RED. I feel like Cirie right now, battling over JOEL and CHET. Who do I get rid? We'll see if HANOI loses the immunity challenge.


I guess I need to tone it down first and join the majority in the first vote. Well, Red is not in my alliance so, bye to him ;)


I haven't really had the chance to go over each member of the opposing tribe but I think communication barrier would be their biggest challenge. Hanoi speaks the same two languages and is on one time zone. Saigon, on the other hand, speaks English and possibly another language and is on different time zones.

They got us with their fancy flag which I'm guessing was done by one or two members and with less inputs from everyone else but we'll kick their ass in tribal-focused challenges because we can actually work together.


Apparently, everyone is bustling around to get alliances very early on. Day 1, and there is already an alliance named The Power Rangers alliance consisting of Ron, Ivan, Ran, Wowie, Lester and Me. So that is 6 to make the Majority. But later Roby, I heard, is going around greeting everyone and convincing to get into alliance with him aka the Hanoi 6 consisting of him, Jonathan, John Carlo, Ron, Ivan and Me. With that, Ron, Ivan and I are stuck in between. So this tribe is going to be CRAZY when the 3 of us stir up some chaos when the time comes. The Accidental Alliance (aka Ron, Ivan and I) will be the deciding vote when the time comes.

I don't want to get comfortable because that might get me out of the game so better build my Spy Shack and connect my CCTV cameras to get somethin somethin from everyone! Hahaha!


I am building trust between John and Ivan. They trust me and I trust them, If ever we lose the next challenge, I'm sure than RAN is going home, BIG TIME. Lester I think threw me under the bus, and when RAN goes, he's next. It's funny how mean I am in this game. *pats in the back*


I tried to initiate a strategic conversation with Tine, but she did not respond. Either she has a commitment to other people or she's not interested. :)

I fill in Ran with the Hanoi 6 majority alliance (roby.jonathan.jc.ivan.ron.tine). He's surprised he's not included. But I assured him that I sway the votes whenever his name comes up. Bringing this up to him is because he's the only person I trust since I made a pact with him first. I see to it to always strengthen my bond with Roby. I feel that the people in the majority alliance he built was not really in to that. I want to carry him with me deep in the game but the only problem is he is targeting Ran who is my #1 ally. He said he feels threaten by Ran. I would tend to be careful with my words in swaying his mind because if I get too pushy, he may feel that i'm closer to Ran than him. I told him its not the time to do a strategic vote. I told him that we need to target the people that's inactive - either Red or Norbert.


Four Square Alliance

A new alliance is on the leash - the four square alliance. The three amigos (Ivan.Ran.Lester) feel that John Carlo is a cool guy. JC made a strategic conversation to me first when he mentioned he wants to work with me along with Tine and Lester. And i found it true when Lester mentioned JC is not talking gamewise to him. I think Ran talked to JC because all of a sudden he wants to bring JC to the alliance. And since I feel he is a cool guy, I agreed but told him to create a new thread for the foursome brothers. I think JC will be tight with the group. But I don't know if he will be more loyal to me than Lester. We will know in the following days.

So we lost in the challenge - it stinks! I really believe our tribe flag is better, cleaner and aesthetically more appealing than the other tribe's. But that's how the game goes. The positive thing is that we will know where loyalties lie.


It was great to be in a tribe made of pure pinoys. At least we don't have to worry about communication barriers and time differences. It's easy to talk about camp life and strategize for challenges. But we lost! I haven't seen the other tribe's flag (am not even interested in looking) but I'm bombed that we lost. We worked hard. JC and Ran worked hard for it but I guess that's the way it goes.

It just sucks that we have to go to tribal and lose one member. That is not good. Hopefully we can get back on board and kick the World's sorry ass at the next challenge.

Actually I don't really care if we go to tribal because I know I'm safe. It's great that I managed to establish relationships with people early on in the game. I don't know anyone here and I know that some of my tribemates already know each other, so it was a little concerning that I know no one. Thankfully me and some of the people here are on the same wavelength. At least I know others have my back.


I want to think I have the favor of most of my tribemates

Ran,Wowie,Roby,Lester,JC, Tine and Ron So the people I want to get rid off are those that I haven't interacted with 1. Red 2. Jonathan and somehow Norbert. Although Norbert wants to get in an alliance with me. I pitched in to all of my alliances to get rid off the people who are most inactive - Red or Norbert. But since there is a possibility of negotiating with Norbert, I agreed in voting out Red. I think it's Roby who pitched in Hanoi 6 then Ron in Early Bird Alliance. Having the two conflicting alliances agree to vote the same person is great because we dont have to make a big decision. I feel bad for Red but he did not try to interact with me. And we need people who are active to make the tribe thread alive and enthusiastic. We need to win challenges!


[Social Gameplay and Roby]

Now I am thinking that I might be a dangerous player in this game. I got to see Tine, JC and Ivan in real life. My social skills are probably one of my weapons and I think I might go far in the game.

I hope Roby trusts me or he probably fears me. Maybe both. We chat a lot and I truthfully said that I cannot be on alliance with him. That might be my demise but I know that I can argue that I have been truthful to him so he can trust me. He is obviously scared that he doesn't know who is on an alliance with me. He knows that something is going on.


So days had pass and I still no one talks to me about alliances it kinda suck cause I really want to stay in the game till the end but how will I do that without alliance?!?

Our tribe lost the very first immunity challenge and I might leave.... I know they all have alliances and they might target me, that scares me... Anyways, if I stay I hope out tribe learn to speak out and give everything we can to win the next immunity challenge.... COMMUNICATION IS EVERYTHING :)


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