Bad Bitches In Charge
Season Paranoia Island
Founder ɴintendo69 & Moonsik
Members Remained Loyal:
Szymon Day 16-36
Kacey Day 16-35
Eddie Day 18-25
Wesley Day 16-27
Day Formed Day 16
Enemies The BEDKIK Alliance
Lowest Placing Member Szymon 6/21
Highest Placing Member Kacey 2/21

Bad Bitches In Charge was a minority alliance on Survivor: Paranoia Island.


The Bad Bitches In Charge was formed the very day Tea Party 2.0 had fallen, since Kacey, Szymon, Eddie, and Wesley loyal to each other, they worked together. This was also the main rival of The BEDKIK Alliance. It was never formally created or named but after Kacey's evacuation, Szymon received help from both Wesley and Eddie who were quickly eliminated. Once she was brought back into the game, the duo began to vote along with whoever they could manipulate into doing so. Before the elimination of Szymon, she knew she would be all alone so she decided to reneged from her alliance, making a final three deal and effectively allowing her last ally to be voted out, as she didn't want to risk her life in the game on rocks to save him.


  • The Bad Bitches In Charge were never formally named until after the game.
  • The Bad Bitches In Charge are the only alliance to have their leader Turn on Them, As Kacey defected from every alliance she was apart of.